Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Small annoyances

I had some small annoyances today and I wanted to share them. First, I pulled up to a take out restaurant to get dinner as it was late and I didn't feel like cooking and I saw a woman disciplining her son. Ok so no big deal, she was not yelling at him or being verbally abusive, but... I saw them walk out of the restaurant and the little boy went to get a chair on the little patio they were now on and the mother told him to sit on the ground. Come on lady, let your child get into a chair already, i know you are not happy with him, but that is stupid to have him sit on the ground. Mainly because since she got on his level to talk to him (which is the way it should be done by the way, not hovering over the child), she also had to sit on the ground, be smart lady allow him into a chair so that you too can sit on a chair or at least not have to sit on the ground. Second, and this really was annoying, as I was waiting at a stop sign, this man pulled form across traffic to basically cut in front of me, well his wife/girlfriend whatever she was waved at me like thanks for letting me in. No lady, the asshat driving decided he was coming in and was an asshat about it so no don't fucking wave at me just sit there and let the asshat do his thing. Anyway, people are stupid as displayed by our Deceiver in chief.

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Tengrain said...

What is it about people waving as they do something both annoying and illegal? It happens to me all the time (and usually it is some cute young thing), and it just makes me see targets in the middle of their fat faces.

Wow, I need to take a chill pill.