Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Presidential Polls

So the AP is reporting that in recent polls, Republicans do not know who they are voting for, but Democrats seem to favor Hilary by a wide margin still. I would have to say that if I was a Republican I would not know who I was voting for either, as they all are pretty worthless candidates. The article also says that part of the issue with the Republicans is that the Christian evangelicals have not decided who to endorse. They see issues with Giuliani and his liberal stance on gay rights and abortion rights. McCain's campaign is falling apart as has been noted pretty much everywhere, so that got me thinking. Shouldn't Romney seem like the best candidates for these people? He has not had a divorce and supports many of the same issues they do as well and he is religious. I know that he has flip flopped on many of these issues, but isn't he now in agreement with them. I also know that he is a Mormon, but as a Jew, I just don't understand the fuss. He is still a Christian in my book, still believes Jesus was the son of God, so whats the issue?

Now on the more interesting thing for me. I seem to remember a certain whispering incident where two Democratic candidates were trying to exclude the other candidates from debates. Well, one of these individuals, Edwards, is not in the top two and is behind by 9 points to Obama. Shouldn't Edwards worry about Obama first, although this does make me somewhat happy? I kind of like Obama as a bit of an underdog, as I figure he is charismatic enough to just jump up and bite these two in the asses and win the nomination. Since these are the top three and so will probably be the ones who fight for the nomination unless we liberals can get out shit together and vote for the right man, Kucinich, I would much prefer to see Obama than Edwards or Hilary. Partly because as a bit of an outsider he may be able to do something good but also because I know that it would scare the living shit out of a whole helluva lotta people and that would be awesome in my book.

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