Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why I love my job part 2

I was having a pretty shitty morning and even the night before had been rough. My dog, the boxer which is the blog is for, attacked another smaller dog the night before. He had never done this before so I was a bit shaken. So anyway, children are awesome for me at least when I need to refocus on life. There is nothing that works better for me than have a child come up to me, say hi and then just crawl into my lap and just sit there. They did not talk to me, they did not ask me what was wrong, I become just a seat to them. I had already talked to a good friend about what had happened so I had the adult perspective and we had talked about what I should do, but sometimes what I need is just someone to not talk, but just be there. That is why I love working with young children, they know if something is wrong and yet they do not need to talk about things. Also, it helps put things in perspective when you see the issues they are having and altough sometimes as adults we have very serious issues, the seriousness of the issue is always subjective. To a child, they fact that their friend is playing with the car they want is a huge issue and one that they will fight for and cry about, but really how much difference is that than my dog, who had few bad minutes, but generally is a great dog. I am not sure that this totally makes sense to anyone other than me especially if you do not like or work with kids hence the difficulty in realizing the wisdom and incredibleness of kids, but I guess that is why I teach.


Tengrain said...

My hound, Thurber J Wolf, was just attacked yesterday by another dog named Shakespear. His little trip to the vet was under $100 this time, though the previous attack was well over $1000. One sixteenth inch deeper, and the other dog would have ripped out is jugular vein.

So why do I mention that Thurber was bitten by The Bard to you? I don't hold it against the other dog or against the other dog owner. Dogs are pack animals and they have their own rules we only can begin to guess about. Thurber as an aging dog probably thought he should be alpha and was dissabused of this notion.

Don't beat yourself up, but do apologize and/or help defray the cost of bringing the pooch back to good health.

But you probably already did that - you seem like a really decent person.

Best regards,


Boxer rebel said...

I have apologized when I saw the owner this morning and told her to let me know what I could do to help. She said she would when her dog was done at the vet, where there appeared to be bleeding behind the eyes and they were checking on any broken bones.