Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter Review

I finished the seventh and final Harry Potter book this weekend and I have finally gotten around to writing up my thoughts on it. I am not going to include any spoilers in case someone is reading this and has not read it yet and will read, I do not want to ruin it for you. I read it is two days, mostly Sunday, which is really unusual to me and I didn't even think it was super compelling or anything, I just wanted to get it done so that I knew how it would end. It was relatively predictable in the end, I kind of knew how it would end, but there were several plot twists that you didn't necessarily expect. It did have some interesting character backgrounds of people you thought you knew and you found out were not as wholesome as you expected. You also found out that not everyone who was evil was as evil as you maybe expected. Also, I felt like Voldemort was not as intimidating in this book. There was a lot that happened through basic government bureaucracy with regards to Voldemort and his attempt to take over the world. But the biggest surprise throughout the entire book was the use of the the word "bitch" toward the end of the book. It seemed interesting that this word was used in what is essentially a book for children or young teens. It makes me think of the fact that in another book for kids "Park's Quest" by Katherine Patterson (who also wrote Bridge to Terebithia) the word "shit" is used. In both cases the words seem to fit the situation perfectly, but is there a fallout from the public and parents when they see this word in print and think about their children reading it? I hope not and that parents realize that their children will hear this word and that this is a good opportunity to talk about why this word is not necessarily appropriate in most situations. But as used here and in "Park's Quest", the cuss words were used in situations that you would expect them to be used. In Harry Potter it is by an mother when she realizes her child is being attacked and she yells at the attacker, another adult witch.

So overall, the seventh book was good, the ending was a bit predictable and the epilogue does tie things up in a nice neat little package, but a fine nding to what has been a 10 year quest.

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