Friday, October 19, 2007

Apparently, since I can read, I am a fucking genius

I ran into the grocery store after work today because I really wanted hot dogs for dinner so I grabbed some tofu pups. On my way out, I decided to rent a movie from one of those Redbox video things in the store. I was going to watch Requiem for a Dream which I had from Netflix, but decided that was too intense for me for tonight. So I am waiting in line for the video dispenser and the couple in front of me is having real issues with the machine. They are basically not reading the instructions on the screen and so every minute or so they look at each other and say what do we do next. Then one of them looks at the screen realizes that there are directions there and follows them. This means it is taking them over five minutes to get a movie and they have already picked it out by the time I get behind them. At one point, they look back at me and say, "Are we done? What do we do next? Where is the movie?" They have a screen that asks for an email address and they have already said to each other, "That is OK." But if you read on the screen there is a button that says, "No thanks." So I just said, "push the no thanks button." They det their movie and the wife turns around and says, "We are sorry it took so long. Thanks for helping us out. We wouldn't take so long next time." I am thinking well I hope not to be behind you next time, but I just shrug and say it is ok. She then asks if they return the movie in the movie slot and I just think that they are getting ahead of themselves and that they should worry about getting their movie first before they worry about how they will return it. I really wasn't having that much of an issue with their problems with the machine, but when I noticed that they had rented this movie, it explained it all. As I am getting my movie, a mother behind me tells me she will just watch what I do so that they do not take as long as the couple before me. She then asks who I am not sure, whether it is me or her teenage daughter about how you pay, if they take a credit card. Her daughter then is sarcastic and points all of the places on the machine that show the credit card symbols.

Anyway, I guess because I can read and actually pay attention to what the directions on the machine tell me to do, people just assume that I know what is going on. Most of the time I don't, but again I read what the machine tells me to do and I do it. This is the downfall of American society and the reason that we voted BushCo. into office, twice, people don't read things anymore nor do they pay attention to what the fuck is going on.


FranIAm said...

It clarifies things, doesn't it?

Deep sigh.

TheCunningRunt said...

You know how sometimes one can't tell if they're supposed to laugh at the joke, cry out of frustration, or vomit on their shoes?

These are the kind of nice folks who get their "News" from Fox, their morals from Fred Phelps, and help tying their shoes from Democrats.

Hand me that bucket, would ya?