Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yet another reason we need to elect Kucinich

I am sure that by now everyone has seen this article in which Kucinich questions the mental health of Bush. Kucinich says he has questions about Bush's mental health in response to Bush's thought about the need to invade Iran. Kucinich says about Bush, "There's something wrong. He does not seem to understand his words have real impact." This is the crux of the issue IMHO, when the president of the U.S. says something people listen. I know that much of the world sees Bush as not someone to be taken seriously, they are afraid of him as well. He sees the world in his own way and then is determined to make the world reflect his own vision of it. Bush decided that Saddam Hussein was involved in the attacks of 9/11 and so he attacked Iraq as retribution. There never has been any evidence that Hussein had anything to do with 9/11, but Bush decided he had. Just like the fact that Ahmadinejad may not be totally in touch with reality, but Iran really does not have the nuclear capabilities that Bush has decided they do (unless I am mistaken here, which I easily could be).

I agree totally that Bush may be mentally ill or maybe it is the combination of drugs he was taking when he was younger that fried his brain, but Bush really does not seem to realize that his words do affect others. He seems to talk out of his ass and not realize the consequences of his words. Bush does not seem to understand that as the leader of the U.S. you have to think before you speak and make sure that when you say something that it is true. I am not saying that most politicians think before they speak, but some do seem to be aware of the fact that their words do have consequences. Many other politicians seem to be better prepares as well to answer questions, Bush just never quite seems to know what to say so he makes something up on the spot.

But, and I am a supporter of Kucinich, I do wonder why he would publicly say something like that. It seems like it is a way of gaining attention. I agree that he should have pointed out that the innate stupidity and the fact that Bush does not think before he speaks, but saying he has mental health issues may have been taking it too far. It is one thing for a blogger or non-public figure or even a political pundit to criticize Bush like that, but as someone who is running for the presidency, it would seem that a certain amount of diplomacy or tact might be in order. Kucinich also does seem to take the issue of mental health seriously and does say that there are those who do need help and maybe the president is one of them and that he (Kucinich) is fine with that. I cheered when I read this, but then I did think about what are the ulterior motives behind this. The other possibility is, how was the question asked by the newspaper? Maybe the paper asked something like, do you think Bush is crazy for his comments on Iran? This comment may have been a way in which to discredit Kucinich in a backhanded way. As the RNC spokesperson pointed out, this is just an easy way to dismiss Kucinich as some kook and an unpatriotic kook at that. One never knows what the MSM will do to discredit a politician that is not named, Clinton or Giuliani.


PookyShoehorn said...

Hey -- I just stumbled onto your blog, and I like what you're doing here.

I too was surprised that Kucinich wuold speak so bluntly about Bush's mental state (although it's certainly something we all wonder about!). And I think you're right it would have been helpful to know if the questions was posed to him, or whether he just said it on his own.

What did you think about the debate this week?

Boxer rebel said...

Pooky- I will be honest with you, I did not watch the debate this week. I have caught other debates, but it still seems kind of early in the season for me to start to watch all of the nonsense. Thanks for stopping by.