Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The obligatory sports post

So I say I am a sports fan in my profile and yet I have not yet done a sports post. So here is the one I want to do.

I am a Boston Red Sox fan and they are now down, 3-1 in the American League Championship Series. I guess I should be more disappointed or annoyed or something, but really I am not. I am a BoSox fan because my maternal grandfather was in the Boston area and so was a BoSox fan. This is a connection to him. I am not a big baseball fan, I watch the post season and enjoy it, but to just sit down and watch a game, not something I would do. I do like going to games, but have found that minor league are much more fun as they are cheaper and the stadium is smaller and so you can enjoy the enjoy and actually be able to see the players. As much as I would like the BoSox to win, I am Ok if they don't win because then I don't have to feel so badly about cheering for the Rockies. They are an amazing story. They have won 21 out of the past 22 games and have swept two straight series.

I am also consoled by the fact that my Steelers, and yes I do refer to them that way as I have grown up watching and cheering for them, are 4-1. They are looking good again after last year's struggles and although I recognize that the Patriots and Colts are probably better teams, anything can happen and maybe we can back to the Superbowl. I am just happy that they are playing so much better this year.

I also really like hockey. It is tough to find this on TV though, which is always disappointing. I can go to the Carolina Hurricanes games as the stadium is probably 15 minutes form my apartment, but the games are still so expensive that I can't do that all of the time, which I would like to. I am a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, but hockey is hockey since I don't live in or near Pittsburgh and so would settle for Canes games.

I also love college football, which brings me to the final sport for this post. During college basketball season, I am a die hard UNC Tarheels fan, but during football season it is more up in the air. I can and do cheer for the Heels, but since they are not known for football and I love just watching the game, I will watch most any team. The BCS standings came out this past week and they have the University of South Florida ranked number two in the nation. My first reaction is who have the beaten and really they have not beaten anyone other than WVU. But then the underdog supporter in me kicked in and I thought that is great that they are ranked that high. It is not really their fault that no one will play against them, they are still very new to Division I football (I think like 11 years) and so are not a big enough draw yet. But college football is always fun for me to watch and so as long as we keep having the good games and the upsets that keep things interesting this year I will be happy.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming of lefty politics and random thoughts.


GourmetGoddess said...

As someone who lived in Boston, I must say that Boston Red Sox fans are, in my admittedly limited experience, the worst to ride the subway with. Rude, pushy, oblivious to the world around them, and usually drunk. When I lived there, I used to know that schedule inside and out so I knew when to walk to South Station, rather than take the T.

Comrade Kevin said...

This year has seen the arrival of parity in college football, has it not?

Pretty much everyone can beat anyone. I think that's good. In the old days, it was never really in doubt that powerhouse teams were going to win every single game except for one or two. It wasn't often a question of IF they were going to win---but by how much.

Boxer rebel said...

GG- I understand and agree with you about Boston fans. I have found that Yankee fans are the same way. Well really most sports fans are pretty obnoxious when they are drunk. I try not to be obnoxious when I watch games, but I do yell at the TV or the field although really only for football or hockey.

CK- It is the year of parity. As a college football fan, I love it. I love knowing that any game I watch will be good and if that particular one isn't, than I can usually find one that is interesting.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

It has been a great season but nothing can take away the sting of UCLA losing to Notre Dame. In Pasadena. As -20 1/2 point favorites.

As for who's going to the mcdonald' BOWL for the BCS championship, ????? Why not Oregon versus Boise State?