Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coming soon to a theater near you

I was watching The Colbert Roport yesterday and he was interviewing Toby Keith about his new movie. Yep, Toby Keith has a new movie out called , Beer for my Horses.This looks to be this year's winner for the Razzies. It was written by Toby Keith and Rodney Carrington and the cast stars Keith and Carrington, Ted Nugent, Willie Nelson and Tom Skerrit. Keith, Carrington, Nugent and Nelson are not known as actors, hell three of them are county singers and Rodney Carrington is a comedian. Well, at least he is supposed to be a comedian of the southern Redneck variety. Did someone not learn with the Larry the Cable Guy movies and apparently Toby Keith put out another movie at some point that these southern comedy movies suck? The previous Toby Keith movie lasted apparently like two weeks in the theater and then went straight to CMT for airing. Now I know that the Blue Collar Comedy Tours are popular, but really a movie with non-writers and non-actors just seems destined to fail. And why the hell would you put this out during the summer months when it has no shot against the big blockbuster action films, why not try to put it out before or after the summer months when maybe your target audience of idjits will at least sort of pay attention to it being put out and not ignore you for the big action films or the latest Will Ferrell stupidity.


Comrade Kevin said...

Perhaps they need Roy Schneider to take a starring role, for just an extra layer of suckdom.

Little Merry Sunshine said...

It amazes me that morons like this get movie deals when actual talented writers with great ideas and scripts, but no connections languish out there for years collecting nothing but rejection letters.