Monday, July 14, 2008

Maybe he should sue God instead

This article is a few days old, but I really wanted to blog about it. This man is suing a church when he says he experienced God and fell and hurt himself. He is now suing Lakewind Church for $2.5 million for lost wages and for medical bills. I am not sure how this is the church's fault that this guy fell. I would say you should blame God. The church did not make you fall, God did. And I am sure God has more money than this church, isn't the phrase, "more money than God." Does the church have more money than God? I thought this was the purpose of church to help you feel the presence of God. So this guy felt God and then fell. I think he is just looking for money, but going after a church is a bit low to me. GG tells me that someone once tried to sue God already, so why not try it again. Maybe he can win and then have more money than God.

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