Sunday, July 6, 2008

It has been a long time

It has been a long time since I was over here. I still read everyone everyday, if you don't believe me ask Gourmet Goddess, she will attest to the fact that I spend a good bit of time every night reading online. Often, I get told to put the computer away for a bit. I am adjusting to living with someone else. More about this in a future post, very soon hopefully. I also have just returned from the north woods of Wisconsin where I got to meet GG's family which was an experience. I also have a great post about a wonderful monument and testament to modern art that I had the privilege to see that I intend to have up soon once I get the photos from the camera onto the computer. I really have missed being here and have lots to say, I just have to start taking from brain to posting again.


Tengrain said...

And you are?

(Just teasing - I figured that you were getting your sea legs. It takes a while. You've made a lot of life changes all at once. )



PS - My best to GG and of course, to Logan.

FranIAm said...

How happy I am to see you! On Saturday I saw a beautiful boxer and thought of you, GG and Logan... wondering how you all were.

So much change is a challenge yet also a gift.

Write more when you can and please know that you are thought of frequently by me!!!

Anonymous said...

That real life thing. Good for you. Hope all is well!

Comrade Kevin said...

You have been missed.

I wish I had more real life to contend with then I do right now.

I'm jealous!