Saturday, July 12, 2008

YouTube Fridays (late edition)

I was watching some amateur comedians on TV a few nights ago and I heard this guy who sounded just like Mitch Hedberg. His voice and delivery were very similar to Hedberg's and it made me think about that I really like some of the jokes of Hedberg and so wanted to share them with y'all. He died young of a heart attack, but I am sure that is at least partly linked to his usage of drugs.

I also like Steven Wright in the same kind of monotone odd comedy that Hedberg does, so here is my favorite Steven Wright joke.

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FranIAm said...

I actually met Mitch Hedberg. He was hired to be the entertainment at some business summit that I attended in 2003.

Let me tell you, whoever hired him chose poorly for the crowd. Since I laughed loud and frequently, he came to talk to me and my friends afterward, what an interesting guy.

I should point out that the gig was on a boat in Boston Harbor and we all joked that we were trapped on it!

His inner sadness was clear however, and I was not so surprised but very sad when he died.