Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So my life has taken a bit of a twist which mean I can be back to blogging earlier than I thought. It turns out that the daycare corporation that I worked for has this policy where if the director feels that it would be best for the center or the employee that they can do what is called "pay in lieu of notice", where the employee is paid for two weeks of work without actually having to be at work. It turns out that since I have given my two weeks notice at my former job, the director called the human resources department and found out that she could let me go on Monday (I gave notice on last Friday) and they would continue to pay me till August 8th which was my last day. This allows her to not have to send people home since they are so overstaffed and can give my hours to others. She asked me if this was OK and after seeing it in writing that I will continue to get paid for working at the center for the next two weeks and not have to actually put up with the bullshit that is going on there, I did it. So now I have a little over two weeks till my next job starts to just do things around the house. I will do some baking, lawn work, spending time with our new kitty, going to some farmer's market that were during the week that I wanted to go to, but wasn't sure I was going to be abel to with working, making dinner for GG and I, doing the paperwork and any other necessary things for the new job with the public schools, taking Logan to the vet to have this lump on his leg checked out, reading, watching movies, and various other things that will need to get done around here. I am also going to try and convince GG to take some time off and go on some day trips with me, but shhhhh she doesn't know this yet. I will also be back and blogging again, yay.


Anonymous said...

Found time? Awesome! I hope you enjoy your "break" until it's time for school to start.

I'm dying to know where you'll be working.

Mauigirl said...

Glad you got a nice break between jobs! The new kitty is adorable.