Monday, July 14, 2008

It is finally time for this

Yay for Governor Rod Blagojevich of my now home state of Illinois. He rewrote a bill on medical coverage to now include $36,000 a year for autism coverage. He and other opponents of this plan want insurance companies to be required to cover treatments for autism. Autism is so misunderstood at this point. Science is still trying to figure out how exactly inidviduals develop autism let alone how to treat it to allow those individuals to be more successful. According to this article,"The legislation would force insurance companies to cover up to $36,000 a year in occupational, physical, speech and behavioral therapies in addition to psychiatric and psychological services. Children would be covered until they turned 21." The early diagnosis and treatment of autism is crucial to many children to allow them to learn to speak and have social interactions with others. This bill would allow more families to be able to get the services their children need. I know that $36,000 may not be a lot overall when it comes to treatments for autism, one of the families in the article had spent over $80,000 a year for treatment, but if insurance has to cover some of that, this can only be a positive thing. This bill now has to go back to the house for their approval.


Little Merry Sunshine said...

You'll quickly come to learn that there are very few good things Governor Blagojevich does (and I say this as a Democrat who voted for him in both elections - he had so much promise in 2002 and I simply couldn't bring myself to vote for his GOP opponent the 2nd time, but am now very disappointed in him and wish he could be impeached). That said, I agree that this particular bill that he has rewritten is a good thing.

Boxer rebel said...

Yeah I am skeptical about most politicians, but this particular bill was really good.