Thursday, January 3, 2008

Honey, get the dog out of the shower again

A friend sent me this article about a couple who got in a fight over the fact that he wanted his dog in the bathroom while the two showered together and she didn't. In fact the fight came to blows with him getting punched in the face, getting cut with a picture frame she threw and dislocating his shoulder as the two of them grappled...naked.

This is incredibly funny to me as, I have a dog. I have a dog who follows me everywhere. I have a dog who will follow me into the bathroom on occasion. No, he does not typically follow me in there when I am showering, but he does lay down right outside the door to the bathroom. But...if I am in the shower with someone, I am thinking I can find something better to do than argue if the dog is in the bathroom or not. And why, oh why do you want the dog in the bathroom anyway?

My favorite part is the whole, she says that if you are going to have the dog in the bathroom while we are showering maybe I don't want to be your girlfriend anymore. His response, well maybe my next girlfriend will like my dog better. Um, yeah, both of you need to shut the fuck up, but that is funny.


Mathman6293 said...

Some might say that I'm like a dog when I follow a certain someone into the shower, too.

DCup said...

Yes. A dog. But I don't tell him to get out as long as he keeps the panting to a minimum.

GourmetGoddess said...

Pele, my eldest kitty, finds it very distressing when I am in the shower. I mean, why would human feeder #1 volunteer to get under a stream of water?

A few weeks ago, I was having some drainage problems in the tub. The tub would drain, but it was slow, and, as a result, after a shower there would be a few inches of water in the tub. One morning, Pele decide to jump into the tub after I was done showering - why I have no idea. She certainly wasn;t expecting there to be water in there. Anyway, in she hops, into water right up to her shoulders. There was a splash, a moment of silence, and utterly horrified look, and then a tremendous scream and running. She hide under the bed for the whole day... wouldn;t come out.... It was too funny....

Comrade Kevin said...

My beloved, but sadly deceased cat Elijah was more like a dog than a feline. He followed me everywhere and could be most distracting when I wanted to get work done. He would jump on my keyboard over and over again until I had no choice but to sit him outside my door.

He would make pitiful whining noises for a solid minute, then in retaliation he would knock over my trash can.

Whiskeymarie said...

People like that make me feel 100% smarter than I am.
Is she worried that the dog is judging her? Taking pictures? What?
Who cares if the dog is looking- really?

Very funny.

BAC said...

I haven't been alone in the bathroom for 12 years! There is always at least one dog in there with me, and when Braco was alive usually all three! I'm not sure I would know how to shower alone.


Mauigirl said...

Very funny story...I think the man should find a girlfriend who appreciates his dog. She doesn't get it. I do think putting her in jail may have been a bit of an overreaction though.

My dog and cat almost always come into the bathroom when I'm in there, not together of course. It depends on which one is around at the time. They don't always stay, but it's as if they come in to see if I'm OK and if I need any help. Once it becomes obvious I don't they leave.

Comrade Kevin, my cat does exactly the same thing. He especially loves to sit on the mouse or block the computer screen. Interestingly, before computers, the cats I had in the past liked to sit on my book or newspaper so I couldn't read it. I think they understand these things detract from our attention to them, which is the priority in their minds.