Thursday, January 17, 2008

No, I am not dead

I am not dead just MIA. I have missed my little blog here and I have missed reading all of you, but this week it just doesn't seemed to have happened. Things keep coming up or I just don't do it or something. Anyway...I am back and I got meme'd on Monday by Mathman and I figure that is a good way for me to jump back into the pond of bloggging. I am supposed to talk about 5 things I didn't see in my future at the age of 25.

I was 25 from October 21, 2003 to October 20, 2004 so you see it wasn't that long ago and yet there are things that I didn't see in my future. Here are five of them.

1. I didn't know i would have a dog. Well, I knew I wanted a dog at some point but that was one i was grown up and had a house and such. I also thought I would get a Golden Retriever casue that is what I had grown up with or a Rottweiler just casue I think they are cool. And I ended up with a Boxer, yeah not even on my radar.

2. I had just started my Masters in Early Childhood education and didn't really know if I would finish it. I knew I wanted to finish it, but I have this thing where I have issues not living in the present so every educational graduation I have ever been involved in, I have not really been able to see till the day it happened, from high school graduation to undergrad to grad.

3. I really thought I would be a teacher in public schools at this point too and here I am after having done that for two years, and deciding to get out. Now I work at more of a daycare type setting still teaching preschool, but daycare and public school preschool are vastly different.

4. I didn't know I would be living where I am living. Sure I knew after a few months of living in Greensboro, NC that I would want to move to another place, but where I am now I am not sure was where I was thinking. I actually thought I would move farther south like Charleston, SC or Atlanta, GA.

5. I guess I never thought I would still be single for that whole time. I had hopes that I would have a dating life during that point in time. I am not sure if I thought I would be married, but still very single and not really much of a dating life would have surprised me somewhat, especially since I was constantly surrounded by women in many of my grad classes. I really thought I would meet someone either at work or when I was going to classes, but no such luck.

I will tag Gourmet Goddess, BAC and DCup. I apologize if any or all of you have already done this as I seem to be a bit behind on this meme, but I did look and it didn't look like you had done this real recently so either skip or not it is up to you.


Mathman6293 said...

Funny how you pictured Atlanta but we didn't and here we are...

GourmetGoddess said...

Sometimes I think the best things that happen are those things we never expected :)

BAC said...

Hi Boxer! I've been a bit out of action with the flu for the past couple of weeks, so am just seeing this. Yikes! I'm not sure I can do this ... 25 is more than half my life ago. Not sure I can remember that far back what I even thought about my future.