Friday, January 18, 2008


In addition to Chuck Norris, Huckabee now has the illustrious endorsement of Rick "The Nature Boy" Flair. Yes, he now has the endorsement of a bad, asshole actor and a professional wrestling entertainer. Woooooo to steal from Flair. And now for your viewing pleasure, a campaign visit from Huckabee at Clemson University from yesterday. I didn't watch the whole thing and I don't expect you to either, but it does show Flair being introduced as part of the campaign as the future Secretary of the Army, Navy and Marines within the first minute or so and if you can make it till about the 1 minute 40 seconds mark you get to see Norris introduced as the future Secretary of Defense and that is as far as I could make it. This scares the shit out of me that these two are introduced as part of a future cabinet for Huckabee. This man is crazy!!!

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Comrade Kevin said...

Of all the candidates running, Huckabee scares me most.