Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Women are flowers?

This commercial bothers me. It should take absolutely no explaining why it bothers me, but I will indulge myself anyway. Here is a women at a pizza place getting a salad because she is a flower. SHE IS A MOTHERFUCKING FLOWER!!!! That is stupid and wrong. So then of course she breaks down and gets some pizza and some kind of dessert-y type thing. Oh yeah, but she still gets the salad and of course it is only two slices of pizza. The worst part is that after all of this, she is still a flower, but now the very deep voiced commentator says, this is a flower that he likes.

So what I am getting here is that A) women are flowers, B) these flowers only eat salad and "healthy" stuff, and C) but when they get pizza or other non-flower type foods, we as non-flowers (males) like this. Now personally I don't care what you eat and yes I do like when the friends I am around including women eat what they like which can include pizza or whatever non-healthy food they want. So, if you want to eat a salad well then good, but then you are still not a fucking flower. You are a goddamn human being who wants to eat a salad and if you want a salad why are we going to a pizza place? This chain doesn't even have the saving grace of good pizza, it is shitty pizza, so why the fuck would anyone go to a shitty pizza place to get a shitty salad and then be called a flower?

Damn commercials and their hidden and in this case blatant misogyny.


Comrade Kevin said...

What I object to is that it reinforces this idea that women ought to obsess about their body size and weight.

Distributorcap said...

welcome to advertising USA. why do you think they target the young -- because stuff like this does make an impression -- and makes women or men believe it is about looks etc.

old farts like me know beter

Whiskeymarie said...

And we wonder why we all have body-image issues...

Just eat the damn pizza, I say.

Sincerely yours,

The Delicate Little Flower