Thursday, January 31, 2008

Survivor: Presidential Island

We join this season's survivor already in progress. We have also lost the geezer and 911 in this tribe. Who is left; the millionaire, the military veteran and the man who eats fried squirrels. It would seem that the vet is going to win his tribe's contests and survive, but the millionaire will still try to steal the contests. Although the millionaire may not be able to outwit or outplay his opponents, he might be able to outlast. The vet should be able to outplay the other two and the squirrel eater, well he will just have to pray to his God that somehow he can outlast which is doubtful.

Now on the other tribe, we have lost the short man with the attractive wife, the talker, Dudd, the Latino who somehow in a historic election was never able to capitalize on this and the fan favorite, the man from North Carolina. So now we are left with the black man versus the woman. The black man would not, on first glance, be able to outplay, outwit or outlast the woman, but he just seems to hang in there and has a lot of support. He has charm that the one who vote you off the island like, so he will survive till the end. The woman is trying to outwit, outplay and outlast the man. Who will win? We will have to see.

Then onto the finale. The final contest, where we find out who will win the ultimate prize, no not a million dollars, but the right to govern the United States of America. (I would prefer a million dollars to be honest.)


Comrade Kevin said...

I vote the woman off the island.

Let's see who will join me in my decision.

A show of hands?

Boxer rebel said...

*raises hand*

GourmetGoddess said...


DCup said...

Clever, Boxer! I like this post a lot.

I'm voting for Obama because I don't want another dynasty. Enough with that.

Mauigirl said...

Great sum-up!

I agree with DCup - too many Bushes and Clintons in a row. But both Hillary and Obama did well the other night and I would support either of them in November vs. whichever Republican wins the nomination.

Distributorcap said...

as long as Elizabeth Hasselbeck doesnt get to come back as a "former contestant"