Saturday, December 29, 2007

Help, my pants are on fire

It seems as though the lovely BAC has tagged me, hey get your mind out of the gutter, she just wants me to pretend I am a politician or some such thing.

Well it seems I should start at the beginning then so that you can get the full picture of my life. I was born in a shtetl in Russia.

I grew up to be a milkman with a beautiful wife and five daughters.

I tried to marry off my eldest daughter after the matchmaker came and told me that the butcher wanted to marry her, but she was stubborn. No, she did not want to marry her childhood friend, so I had to create a nightmare so that my wife would allow me to call off the engagement to the butcher.

My middle daughter begins a secret relationship with a Russian soldier after she is loaned a book by him. I found about this relationship and I forbid her to ever see him again, as I cannot allow a marriage outside of the faith. They elope.

One of my other daughters falls in love with a revolutionary and they break tradition by arranging their own match. They come to me and ask not for permission, but only for my blessing, can you imagine my horror. I do some soul searching and finally relent.

And finally I am told by the town constable that I am being forced to leave my village, my home for all of my life and the lives of many of my ancestors, I will have to go to America.

So that is my story, oh yeah I guess I should tell you my name, Tevye.

So now I must tag others. I tag the Gourmet Goddess, Comrade Kevin, and Morse. I hope I have not double tagged anyone, I probably have as DCup has tagged the entire lefty blogospere, but oh well.

UPDATE: This meme is supposed to be about 7 lies about yourself. That was not clear, sorry about that. So anyone that takes this challenge, just tell 7 lies about yourself.


Anonymous said...

Boxer - Brilliant! I mean, Tevye, Brilliant!

I'm glad you tagged some people, I'm sorry I did that splashy giant tag thing.

Best regards,

FranIAm said...

Oy! Would it spoil some vast, eternal plan, if I were a wealthy man?

I love me some Tevye, I saw that one coming!

Boxer rebel said...

Yeah the whole Tevye thing just kind of came to me so i ran with it. It was not supposed to be totally easy to figure out, I did try to keep names out of it, but really I didn't want it to be something that you couldn't figure it out. That was part of the fun, you know what is going on but it is still fun to read.

I am glad both of you enjoy it.

Comrade Kevin said...

Boxer, do I have to be Russian and/or Jewish when I do the meme?

Perhaps it's because it is late and I am tired, but I am thinking there's clearly more to it than I'm getting.

The Cunning Runt said...

Since I have absolutely no knowledge of that which you relate, I can only express my deepest sympathy for you and your family, having had to put up with such tribulations (use The Accent, trust me, it works.)

Well done, for a shmootz.

BAC said...

Excellent job, Boxer ... and very informative.