Sunday, December 23, 2007

You found me how?

So I was looking that words that people use to find and of course it is really interesting.

Here are some words that people have used to find me:

-DCup (Thanks DCup, apparently people find me when looking for bras)
-transgender little boys (Ok I guess I understand this)
-boys wearing dresses youube (Apparently someone can't spell YouTube)
-naked women on youtube (Why don't they just go to YouTube for this, can they not remember the site?)
-watching other men fuck my wife (Um, yeah, so how did you get here based upon this, have I talked about voyeurism?)
- why go back to your first love after she dumps you (You shouldn't, maybe I didn't make that clear enough from this story here or more accurately the comments from much wiser people than me)
- boys wearing makeup and dresses (Am I sensing a theme here?)
- christians viewpoints of gays working in the workplace? (Did you find what you are looking for here, and if so what is the answer?)
- why do boys reveal their boxers? (baggy pants)
- boys wearing dresses (another theme element?)
- classic incest films (Ok so i feel that this is somehow racist or something, just cause I live in the south does not mean that i married my sister, hell i don't even have a sister, so drop the incest and walk away from the blog, thank you)
-hot naked movies with dogs ( you are one sick fuck, ya know that, first incest and now bestiality)

So now we know how some people stumble upon this little blog, but why would you use any of those search phrases?


FranIAm said...

WTF? Holy crap Boxer! These things never cease to amaze me. And disturb me.

But you have managed to turn the lunacy into a very clever post.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that DCup has served you well!

Now, what sick, sick thing can I write here in comments that will bring you even more magical traffic? Hmmmmmm.

Camel toes? Let's see what that one does for you.

Distributorcap said...

how do you find out the search phrases people use?


Boxer rebel said...

fran- thank you
DCup- Yeah and apparently it is not just one person who has found me through you, it is at least three or four
DCap- I use This allows me to keep track of how much traffic I get (not much), also allows me to see where people are visiting from and what words they use to see me.

Comrade Kevin said...

Most of the time people find my site through conventional methods. Recently, however, when I pointed out the evils of our hyper-sexual society, I enclosed a picture of the infamous thong for preteen girls.

I then got a few hits seeking to find pictures of preteen girls wearing thongs. Sorry to disappoint you, folks, but you won't find them there.

I'm not exactly sure how to stop people to keep from having these desires, but they are a little disturbing.

The Cunning Runt said...

I get the same bullshit. People find me by searching for the weirdest stuff. I may go back through my blogstats and dig some of it up.

Hey, I sense a meme being born here...

Mauigirl said...

I like the idea of a meme on that subject! It's always interesting to see what people are searching for when they come across my blog as well. Lots of references to pit bulls, for one, since I talk about my dog a lot.

Merry Christmas, Boxer Rebel!

FranIAm said...

I just got a visit from someone doing a google search on "priests who hate Christmas"!

Whiskeymarie said...

My favorite one that I ever got was
"tied up farting"