Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am a chihuahua

Hello this is Logan, it seems that the Pussies for Peace have tagged me so I have had to dictate to my owner seven untruths about me. (Yeah he didn't know I could talk either).

1. I am actually a small, hairless chihuahua.
2. I love to play with other small dogs.
3. I voted for Bush in the last election as he is clearly the smartest man in America.
4. I never eat food off the floor.
5. My real name is Mrs. Fluffers Wigglybottom the Third.
6. I find Huckabee to be charming and a real man.
7. I never want any affection from anyone. I am content to just ignore you when you walk into my house and then crawl up in a small corner to sleep.

I am tagging all of your lovely dogs and cats out there. Hey, show the food person that you actually can talk by just randomly starting a conversation about that age old question, Ginger or Maryann. And then when you have decided on that tough choice, then move on to doing this meme.


Anonymous said...

Logan c/o Boxer:

The Pussies for Peace have asked me to convey to you their pleasure and gratitude to you for participating in this meme.

Such formal pussies, those felines.

Great stuff!

P.S. The Pussies took a vote. 3 say MaryAnn, 2 say Ginger.

Mathman6293 said...

What kind of Dog gives into a bunch of idot cats?

FranIAm said...

Logan- you are the best! And you look more like a boxer to me!

Boxer rebel said...

Mathman- It was out of respect to a fellow animal and there are several of them, they ganged up on me, says Logan.

Distributorcap said...

logan clearly needs the Dog Whisperer