Sunday, December 2, 2007

I want to buy an island

I have decided that I want to buy an island. This decision came out of two main streams of thought. One, I don't like money, and am tired of it. Yet again I am having money issues, nothing too major, I just can't pay all of my bills and I am tired of feeling stressed out over something that doesn't really exist. Money is just an agreed upon method of commercialism, the idea of beads, stones or shells are just as good for currency as these pieces of paper that we sometimes have in our wallets or that imaginary money that exists in banks. So, if I had my own society I would ban money and we would work on the barter system. We would share in the tasks and responsibilities of running a community and government without the incessant commercialism and politicking that occurs in modern society. I know what you are thinking, but Boxer that is just a pipe dream that could never work. Well, for several thousands of years native populations around the world have existed without the bullshit that now infects out society. There are even societies that still exist in Africa and South American jungles among other places in which the incessant commercialism does not exist. The responsibilities, the food and the care of the society is shared among all, with fine results.

Now notice I said we, I am not intending to live on this island alone. In fact I have no interest in governing this island or becoming a hermit away from people. This is where the second thought process enters. Over the past few days, weeks and even months, I have at times marveled at the community that seems to exist in the liberal blogosphere. It amazes me when I read comments on blogs from people that I read on a regular basis and didn't know read each other. I am regularly amazed at how we all seem to know each other. There is almost a six degrees of separation thing going on, where I can probably get to any liberal blog through only six other blogs (if that makes sense). In other words, I read one blog that leads to me to another and then to another and then to another using their blogroll and I am convinced that I could probably get to any liberal blog in a short number of steps if I tried. So this island that I would live on would include any body else that wants to live there among my blogging friends. Your dogs, cats, kids and significant others would be invited. We would have a society that would work, or at least in my mind it would work. We, as a collective, have the brains, the abilities and the varied abilities to create our own society. We have cooks, whether professional or not, we have teachers, we have artists, we have technology people, there are people who know how to entertain and those who can run organizations. I truly believe we could be successful as a community.

This community post has been brewing in my mind for a few days now and is the real reason for this whole post, I added the island thing today. But truly I do marvel at how interconnected we all are. I know I am a small blog that does not have a huge readership and I am not trying to say I am overly important. I do not have connections to larger blogs, I do not attract 100 visitors a day or even maybe a week, but I am honored everyday when I look at my blog and realize that there are people who read me and comment. It is gratifying to know that I am not alone in my views and that there are others out there who have similar thoughts to me. I feel overwhelmed when I get comments from fellow bloggers who say that I have made a great point, that I am "wise beyond my years", or that I write well. I feel like I am just someone who does this in their spare time to vent a little bit of anger and spread a little bit of joy.

The scary thing is that on this site you can actually buy an island and they seem to cost basically the same as a house with the rising housing costs. If I ever win the lottery, and I would need to play the lottery to win, but if I won I figure an island is just as good as a house. The other scary thought is that if by some miracle Huckabee or Giuliani or another republican wins the presidential election in '08, this whole buying an island and moving there may actually start to look attractive in reality and not just fantasy.


GourmetGoddess said...

You can come with me when I decide to bailout on society and become a subsistence farmer in the Pacific Northwest....

I grew up not far from a commune called Peoples' Farm in Wisconsin. I have quite fond memories of it. Unfortuantely, they were too stoned to really make a good go of it, but the spirit of the place has always been in me. I looked at living in cohousing in Chicago, but decided I didn't want to be in the heart of the city.

I have friends who live similarly near Berea, KY. Unfortunately, there is an awful lot of being stoned too much there, too. Moderation people! moderation!

hmm, what can I contribute to Boxer's new society? Well, I understand food production and storage. I can hunt. I am fairly handy with tools. I know a little bit about solar and water power.....

FranIAm said...

The WeAre family is in.

Community is perhaps one of my most important values.

Yes, values are not (which I know you and your readership knows!) things like "anti-gay, anti-abortion" but they are actually things like community, truth, honor.

You know- things that Republican values don't seem to cover.

Great post Boxer and I am very glad to be in a circle of bloggers with you.

Anonymous said...

I have a close friend who grew up on one of the Thimble Islands in Connecticut. According to her it's a lot of maintenance. but well worth the quiet and beauty overall.

Now that I think of it, "Survivor: Blogger" might be a good pitch for CSPAN.

Marc said...

Nice to see there are other poeple out there who just want to live in peace for the erst of their life.
We have (and are) genuinely researching the posibilities of a group of people (for financial reasons) buying an Island together.
There are many logistical issues, community issues, day yo day living issues, but all surmountable to reach that goal of a peaceful life. Anyone interested?