Sunday, December 16, 2007

Traitor Joe is at it again

He is endorsing McCain for president. WTF, great job of being a traitor yet again to your party and to your country, Traitor Joe. I can't actually even type much more about how much I hate Joe as he is such an asshole and portrays Jews in such a negative light and he is a traitor to his country, but check out this article here for more information.


Comrade Kevin said...

I had the very same thought, Boxer.

I can't claim Joe for being bitter after losing his party's nomination, but by resorting to this his true colors have shownn.

A part of me wishes that if he feels this way he'd switch parties, even though this would cost Dems the majority in the Senate.

Although, really, what would it matter? In my opinion they haven't really done anything much with that majority. Certainly nothing of note.

The end result is that by throwing his weight behind the Republican party, he is living up to the same criticisms thrown at him by Ned Lamont and many Democrats. Criticisms, I recall he denied at the time.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a more than a two party system, then perhaps someone like Joe couldn't completely foul things up.

Tengrain said...

Ugh - thanks Boxer. Traitor Joe is a scum sucking disgace to the human race, so don't take his faith personally.



Mauigirl said...

I agree with DCup, the two-party system should go. It is getting to be too all-or-nothing and no longer doing the job it was supposed to do, of providing checks and balances to whoever is in power. We need a new vision for this country.

BAC said...

DCup, I've been railing about the all-or-nothing two party system for years. Because of the way our political process is structured there is virtually no way an independent, or 'third' party candidate can win. It needs to happen more than just once in awhile. Imagine how the debate might change!