Monday, December 3, 2007

Two quick things

I was going to do two posts on these things, but decided to combine it in one quick post.

1. I started to watch Tin Man on SciFi last night (well technically today on video tape, but still...) and it really is great. It is on again tonight at nine and then again tomorrow night. If you missed the first episode, than catch it at 7 today on SciFi and then you can watch the next episode right after it. Tin Man is a modern adaption of The Wizard of Oz. It reminds me slightly of Wicked with the idea of the revolution and the whole land not being one giant happy kingdom. It also kind of reminds me of the Dark Tower series, although I am not as sure why this is. Maybe just the gunslinger idea. Anyway, I strongly suggest watching this if you like Sci Fi movies.

2. Jim Neal, who is running for the Senate seat that is currently being held by Elizabeth Dole here in NC, is going to be writing an online diary at Daily Kos. If you are a member of Daily Kos go check it out. I am not a member there and will not go there, I have an aversion to the big blog thing or at least that big blog, I will not go. Neal also was on Pam's House Blend, but I missed that. I really like Neal and support him fully in his run for the Senate.

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